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Creating Drop Top Company

Why We Do It

Drop Top Company was predicated around a single design concept – an innovative cross between the classic fedora and the standard visor. The creator of this design, a dear friend to the creators of Drop Top Company, passed away from an opioid related incident in December, 2018. He was 24 years old.  

His creation is now known as a Fizor.

Mourning, Moving Forward, & Getting Motivated

Inspired by our late friend’s vision and inclination toward innovation, Drop Top Company has produced fashion-forward apparel, including the Fizor, to immortalize all those lost to the Epidemic. By way of sharing knowledge on our website and other social media platforms, as well as in person, we educate  about the Opioid Epidemic, provide resources for those in need of help, and donate 10% of our proceeds to the Christopher D. Smithers 'Stop The Spiral' Campaign, and the COA (Community Outreach Alliance).

Celebrating Individuality, Together.

Drop Top Company is a female, LGBTQ+ founded and owned business.

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