Our Story

Every purchase has a purpose

Fashion-forward apparel assisting in the battle against the opioid epidemic.

LGBT Female Owned and Founded Company.

Creating Drop Top Company

Why We Do It

Drop Top Company was predicated around a single design concept – an innovative cross between the classic fedora and the standard visor. The creator of this design, a dear friend to the creators of Drop Top Company, passed away from an opioid related incident in December, 2018. He was 24 years old.  
His creation is now known as a Fizor.

To this day, all of our Fizors are 100% hand crafted by those working within the company. All of our designs were created by members of the team, or friends and family.

Mourning, Moving Forward, & Getting Motivated

Inspired by our late friend’s vision and inclination toward innovation, Drop Top Company has produced fashion-forward apparel to immortalize all those lost to the crisis, spread awareness about the opioid epidemic, provide resources regarding the topic, and donating 10% of our proceeds to the Christopher D. Smithers 'Stop The Spiral' Campaign, and the COA (Community Outreach Alliance).

Celebrating Individuality, Together.

Drop Top Company's cutting-edge products provide customers with a means of expressing their individuality while taking collective action toward combating this unprecedented quandary. For those who dare to be different, our brand offers high-quality, unique products which inspire innovation and reinforce how beautiful it is to simply be.
The severity of this epidemic can no longer be overlooked.