‍10% of our monthly proceeds are divided between the following two organizations:

The Christopher D. Smithers 'Stop The Spiral' Campaign

The Community Outreach Alliance

These two organizations were selected from an initial thirteen potential organizations. After careful consideration, these two foundations best aligned with the goals Drop Top Company; widespread education regarding the epidemic, assistance to those already affected by the crisis, and support for those who have faced losses due to opioids. Further information about these organizations below.

"Stop the Spiral is a call to action to increase awareness of and access to evidence-based medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder (OUD). The Hey Charlie video, told from the perspective of a teenager and his family, shows how quickly the use of banned substances in social situations almost seamlessly spirals into an addiction to opiates."

To directly donate to this foundation, donate directly via their website:

Or, you can make a check out to:

The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation 'Stop The Spiral'

P.O Box 67

Mill Neck, NY


To directly donate to this organization, follow this link to their website.

"COA (Community Outreach Alliance) is a non-profit organization in San Clemente, California. Our goal and mission are to offer fun and healthy activities to the youth. We also provide mentoring opportunities to older teens, and volunteer opportunities for adults to share their talent and time. We partner with sponsors, local businesses, and individuals who want to become part of the ‘alliance’ to help create opportunities for youth seeking a healthy lifestyle."

Noteworthy Contributors to Drop Top Co.

Brandon wearing his original Fizor.

Brandon M. Burk: The creator of the Fizor, and the reason Drop Top Co. has come to exist.

We are so fortunate to have been a part of Brandon's life, and could not be more proud to carry on his name and legacy.

Jodi Barber: After losing her son to the prescription drug epidemic, Jodi has dedicated her life to exposing the realities of prescription drug abuse, and the slippery slope which can come as a result. Jodi is the producer of two documentaries regarding the untold truths about the opioid crisis, Overtaken and Overtaken 2: Where Are They Now. Also, both her and her husband are featured in a related documentary Behind The Orange Curtain. To find out more about Jodi's story and mission, visit her website.

#RedForTyler: This organization was created following the death of Tyler Macleod in 2012. Tyler was a dear friend to Drop Top Company's co-founder Carly Illeck, and the first opioid related death she experienced - now totaled at 14. Through this organization, she was able to stay informed about recent occurrences related to the opioid epidemic which eventually prompted her to not only stay informed, but to take action.

To all our friends, family, and supporters: Without your support from the very beginning, when Drop Top Co. was a dream and an apartment overflowing with boxes of half cut fedoras and hand sewn stitches, we would not have been able to make it to where we are today. Between helping with pop-ups, spreading our concept and message, none of this would have been possible without every single one of you. Our eternal thanks.